Register as A publisher

Members of NFT Intellect who are publishers will be required to supply an agreement number when registering any NFT. You can register and amend the NFT details of any creator that you publish. Our system is built with blockchain technology, hence we’ll be notified if any of your creators register the same NFT on the platform and it’ll be marked as a duplicate or a possible match. We will be obligated to check and merge them where appropriate.

Creating NFTs

Creating your own NFT artwork, be it a GIF or an image or a music recording, is a relatively straightforward process on NFT Intellect. NFT artworks can also be used to create other digital collectibles such as virtual cards.

The first thing to creating NFTs is to log into your account on NFT Intellect.
Here, you’ll be able to register the details of any NFT that you own its copyrights. As a rights-holder of digital work, you just submit it for verification.
Our Zloadr wallet supports all NFTs created on the NFT Intellect platform.

Join NFT Intellect

Join NFT Intellect today as a creator or publisher so you can earn money when your work is used or sold.