NFTs are unique crypto tokens that are managed on a blockchain, the latter acting as the decentralized ledger. The ledger traces the ownership and transaction history of each NFT, which has a code and a unique ID among other metadata that no other token can duplicate.

The process of creating an NFT starts through a contract-enabled blockchain with the help of appropriate tools and support. With Ethereum providing the ecosystem with NFT standards, alongside their smart contract, you can easily add detailed information such as the identity of your digital asset to make it an NFT. This process gives NFTs the attributes of scarcity, hence the ability to be attractive for buyers.

To create the ownership, the first thing to do is mailing or saving the physical copy of your NFT in any way that will help to establish when it was created. For example, you could send it to yourself by a recording delivery, or store it with your bank.

The NFT must be time stamped and remain sealed for this to provide any legal proof of ownership, which earns you the rights-holder title.
When you electronic mail or save your NFT, it will provide a time-stamped copy, which is another evidence of creation and ownership.

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