You register your works on our NFT Intellect platform database, and we’ll take the initiative to claim royalties on your behalf when your content is used. NFT Intellect is built with the smart contract and AI technology, and will allocate each registered NFT with its own unique code. The code will be the content’s identity that we use to track if the usage of the content.
You can still take a look around as a non-member of NFT Intellect and see how NFTs are managed in our database. It will give you an insight into how we work before you decide to join us.

Registering NFTs

We can only distribute royalties for the use of NFTs that have been registered on our NFT database. As an artist, songwriter, actor, photographer, publisher, etc. you can register your own NFT and amend the details conveniently at any time. However, if you have a publisher, they will usually manage any registration and amendments on your behalf on the NFT Intellect platform.

Register as a Creator

To register, you’ll need to enter the following information to register your NFT:


The following information, however, isn’t mandatory although it is to collect for the use of your work:

The following information isn’t mandatory. However, it will help us to collect for the use of your work:

You’ll receive a reference once you submit your NFT details, followed by a unique code for each NFT.

Join NFT Intellect

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