Our commitment to protecting the value of your virtual collectible is based on the desire to see you earn what’s rightfully yours. NFT Intellectual pays members their royalties when their virtual collectible is used through four main distributions each year: in April, July, October, and December. We pay members their mechanical royalties every month.

Monthly Royalty Distributions

We pay our royalties to our members through four main distributions each year:

Royalty payments falling below the indicated threshold are withheld until the threshold is reached for the next payment schedule. We, however, lower the payment threshold to £1 during October’s main distribution.

Instant Statement of Account

Our platform allows you to instantly access detailed statement that shows each of your creations have been used, downloaded, copied or duplicated, with a clear timestamp. You can view your statement online and access your royalty data with tools to help you make faster, better business decisions.

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