We collect royalties through licensing agreements with users of your digital asset. These licenses cover all kinds of virtual collectibles, whether it’s for digital, broadcast, or public performance.

We license entities of all sizes and types that use your digital artwork, including those that distribute artworks online or use them for commercial purposes such as TV broadcasts, radio broadcasts, film productions, or duplicating it in its physical form such as printing.

We are the bridge between you and these entities. Without us, these entities would have to contact you in person to use your NFT. Such an approach limits your reach, hence reduces your earning power. Additionally, the inefficiency of dealing with thousands of requests can get you confused, which may lead to the loss of potential deals. Through our licensing model, we make the process simple and straightforward for both parties.

Releasing NFT products

Our licensing also covers the copying or creating of physical products of your virtual collectible. It includes printing, copying on DVDs, magazine covers, billboards, etc.

NFT Product Licenses

We license all forms of virtual collectible, including painting, photographs, ringtones, podcasts, music, streaming of digital content, videos, sculptures, etc. We help UK artists.

We license digital collectibles of all types, including artwork, music, videos, collectibles, trading cards, video game virtual items, or even real estate. We partner with other rights holders to ensure your virtual collectible pays you well.

We license Broadcast TV and radio stations to use your virtual collectible and earn great revenue in return. The licenses include TV broadcast licenses and Radio broadcast licenses.

We license organizations and entities that use your virtual collectibles for any public performance. Be it videos, sculptures, podcasts, ringtones, paintings, or any other asset with the non-fungible feature, we ensure any of your assets used in the public domain is paid for by the user. The public performance licensing is meant to ensure none of your items is used for free.

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