Your digital content will generate streaming royalties, and we take it upon ourselves to distribute the royalty revenue as follows:

Online/ Mobile Streaming MCPS NFT Intellect
Permanent Downloads 75% 25%
On-demand Streaming 50% 50%
Webcasting or interactive webcasting 25% 75%
Audios/Ringtones usage 66.67% 33.33%

Licensing & administering your rights

NFT Intellect licenses and administer your rights for various platforms including Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube among others. Administering these platforms differs because they have different licensing and administration policies for their audience.

If you’re a rights-holder of virtual collectibles, virtual trading cards, music, video clips, audio vontent, animated images, or virtual real estate, your work can be publicly performed and broadcasted. If you’re a rights-holder of virtual collectibles, virtual trading cards, music, video clips, audio vontent, animated images, or virtual real estate, we help you earn neighbouring rights royalty. This type of royalty is completely separate from the field of music publishing, in which songwriters and composers earn performance royalties from public broadcasts of their musical compositions.

We pay royalties for various kinds of live performance of our member’s music, including tours, gigs, DJ sets, concerts, and busking. These performances can be reported through the venues or by members, publishers, and managers through our online live reporting service.

Due to the unique nature of neighbouring rights royalty, NFT Intellect’s Neighbouring Rights Administration Service is only available to eligible rights owners or labels approved by our Rights Management team.

How We Calculate Neighbouring Rights Royalty

We calculate and collect royalties in different ways for live performance. The process is based on the type of performance.

Small venues and gigs

Whenever members perform at a small venue licensed under our scheme, we pay a specific amount of royalty for each reported event. The royalty will be shared between all NFT writers whose work is performed at the event. The current amount is £10 for each event. But the royalty fee may change each year, depending on the money collected from the venues under our scheme.


Busking is the act of performing (e.g. singing and/or playing the instrument in public places. While some musicians do this purely for fun, others see it as a way of making some money from donations from the public. But it’s also a great way of getting your creation out there.

Are you a budding performing artist? Have you ever considered busking?

Well, if so, then we’d highly recommend you proceed give busking ago. Busking is a great promotional tool for your art, including music, as well as a way of making some quick bucks.
When you join NFT Intellect, you get more and better opportunities to earn more with busking royalties. To get your share of the busking royalties, you must submit claims for any over you perform in accordance with our Busking Program rules. Our team will actively monitor performance reporting in the future to ensure the claims we receive adhere to the rules set out here.

Popular Concerts

NFT Intellect uses an independent source of live performance to identify and create a database of our members. Setlists are solicited from headliners and opening acts performing at those events. A royalty is then calculated for each NFT Intellect-licensed work performed at each event. The fee is calculated based upon the license fees collected from each licensed tour or event.


Festivals have become part of the mainstream and there are about 400 annually. Last year, festivals generated more than £1bn for the UK economy.
Royalty rates are often a combination of those we use for classical and popular concerts.

Live concert service

NFT Intellect’s tailored live concert service offers a fixed admin cost and faster payment for our members whenever they perform in these large events.

Self-administering your live public performance rights

It is possible for you to administer your live performances of your own work, although it would be a big task for an individual


Digital performance royalties are dues paid to performing artists each time a sound recording is streamed on non-interactive digital streaming services such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, and many others. The platforms are considered non-interactive because the individual content streamed is chosen based on an algorithm, although stations are selected by the user.

Digital performance royalty is another way in which you can earn revenue when you register with NFT Intellect. With the surges in streaming during this digital era, you must ensure your published work generate as much revenue as possible through a reliable platform like NFT Intellect.

NFT Intellect collects digital performance royalties from non-interactive digital streaming services. The services purchase a license from NFT Intellect so they can legally play the licensed music or sound, and report how many times the song was played. Those registered within our platform will receive their digital performance royalties based on a specific calculation.

NFT Intellect tracks all your published work and copyright sales. We use the blockchain to manage music copyright information. Its mission is for creators and publishers to maximize all the monetization opportunities and sales of future royalties.
We allow creators to register copyright, publishing, and mechanical splits at the time of creation using smart contracts, which instantly copyright the content.

Synchronization rights are another way in which we ensure you earn your royalties. Synchronization rights take effects whenever some wish to use your content in a combination with other visual images such as movies, television shows, video games, or YouTube videos. When it comes to a typical sync negotiation, we help you get the best deals with any entity that wants to use your digital creation. We consider scope and length of use and pricing for potential licensed uses.
Through the NFT Intellect platform, you’ll get to access every piece of information about the planned uses of your creation. Some of the factors we consider before we give the license are:

Here, we save you the hard task of negotiating for the royalties from sync fees and make it easy for you to earn more money.

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